Linear and Radial gradients aren't powerful enough.


Mesh tools can be rigid and unwieldy.


Sblended was built from the ground up to be the simplest, fastest and most delightful way to create color and opacity blends.  


This is the Gradient Tool, supercharged.



What’s so special about Sblended?

Other gradient tools work in a single dimension, like along a straight line or a radial axis.

Sblended brings a whole new dimension to gradients by letting you create effects that blend in multiple directions at once.  Another way to think of it is as a way to create gradients between gradients.  But the best way to understand it is to just give it a whirl.  Grab our FREE demo version and see for yourself.  


The Sblended Add-On provides a beautiful, responsive panel in Photoshop that lets you define and apply entirely new, unrivaled gradient effects.

Amplifying the built-in Gradient Tool, the Sblended Add-On applies its effect when activated in lieu of the usual, basic gradient effect. The current selection and starting and ending points of the tool are all taken into account for fine-grained control over the effect.

Combine it with the rest of your skills and tools to make something unique.

Our demo version is free to try out for non-commercial use.



Just a taste of what you can do with Sblended.  You might be able to do some of this with the plain old Gradient Tool, but it'd take a handful of layers and precious, precious time.  Let Sblended do the work for you.

Want more?  Follow along @SuperGradients for some fresh Blends whipped up daily.  


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We're proud to be recognized as a "Featured Add-on" in the Adobe Exchange and to have been highlighted by the Adobe Creative SDK team.  

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We believe in making things and making them well.  In doing things differently and in doing different things.  

We believe that if there can be thousands of tools to help build the physical world, there ought to be a few more for the digital one.  

We believe that the gradient tool from the nineties should not be the same one we use today.  

We believe creativity should be unleashed.

We believe that the world can be a Sblended place. 



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